Menu options.

In addition to the à la carte menu, Ristorante Andreina offers two themed menus focused to the elements of SMOKE and FLAMES. These menus narrate a creative journey among various ingredients by chef Errico Recanati, reminescent of futurist paintings where tradition infuses taste into unexplored territories. A separate chapter is dedicated to white truffle, dessert menu and the wine cellar.

CUISINE_ Game meets embers as well as vegetables with a great emphasis on smells. Between smoke and embers, crustaceans and oysters – strictly Italian – also find their place in a new and suggestive guise. Desserts speak of tradition reinterpreted by the charm of glowing embers. MENU

CELLAR_ Our cellar – a large treasure now visible to guests after its restyling – offers a rich selection of Italian wines starting from the Marche region and extending beyond national borders with French, German and Slovenian varietals. There is also a careful selection of spirits and bitters, along with a menu dedicated to cocktail aperitifs. WINE LIST

EASTER_ Celebrate the Easter holiday with us through an exclusive menu. Let yourself be wrapped in the warmth and magic of live embers, where each dish tells a story of surprising balances and deep emotions, crafted under the watchful eye of Chef Errico Recanati. WINE LIST