Fire manifests itself with a bright glow. Everything starts from a spark: a cooking process, a smoking technique, an idea, a language to explore and reinterpret cuisine in its essence.

Errico Recanati was born with fire and grew with it.

What he defines as primal is a cuisine that remains as avant-garde as ever.

The grill has an ancient taste that he brings to new, revolutionary and charismatic aromas. The smoke emanating from the glowing embers becomes an ingredient in itself, thanks to a cloche technique developed by the chef.
This technique involves the use of a cooking cloche capable of trapping the cooking smoke to amplify the aromas of vegetables, pasta, or meat…

The spit and embers are the strong tradition of my restaurant where I combine new techniques with original methods, in order to discover new flavors and generate new memories. Because if we don’t create memories, we don’t create life either.

His work is a continuous exploration of what he defines as neo-rural cuisine, because today it can be avant-garde , a new yet ancient language that preserves the origins of his regional cuisine. From this infinitely explorative and curious approach, iconic dishes have emerged. One is Spaghetto Cacio e 7 Pepi (grilled Spaghetti, Cheese and Pepper), a recipe representing one of his “signatures”which is always on the menu. Another one is Il Cavolfiore appeso alla brace (Hanging Cauliflower on the grill) that absorbs the smoke with its vegetable sweetness and especially game meat, the cornerstone of Ristorante Andreina that remains the chef’s preferred ingredient.

Simplicity is another element characterizing Errico Recanati’s creative work, allowing ingredients to express themselves through the true essence of their nature.
A constant challenge while embers continue burning…


Chef Errico Recanati’s dedication to the quality of raw materials, careful selection of producers, his deep knowledge of the territory and the integration of new techniques together with primal cooking of spit and embers have led the original trattoria for hunters to receive many prestigious awards. These include its first Michelin star in the 2013 Guide, joining Le Soste in 2015—an esteemed association representing Italian cuisine worldwide with its rigorous selection of top restaurants in Italy. The restaurant also received the third fork in the 2023 2014 Gambero Rosso Guide, the fourth chef hat in the Espresso Guide ‘Ristoranti e Vini d’Italia 2022’ and the special Performance of the Year award from the same guide.