«Embers and fire are natural elements that for me represent life, freedom and a source of inspiration for my recipes.»

Errico Recanati and his embers.

Embers and fire, that fire burning among coals, that living and inimitable flame are the image that burns in the chef’s eyes . They are his blank canvas. The aroma and the smell of smoke coming from a grill and a spit ignite a first vision. All the ingredients together trigger Errico Recanati’s creative process.
It’s a skillful game of balance and surprising emotions that he brings to every dish. Nothing is wasted and everything is adapted.

Andreina today.

Today Andreina is always a welcoming, well-kept, and homey place where the recent restyling of the rooms completes the gastronomic experience envisioned by Errico Recanati. Since we eat with our eyes, the lighting enhances every plate and setting. The large grill is the pulsing heart that guests can admire. In the different rooms of the restaurant, past, present and future coexist, just like in the recipes of its chef.